The Greek’s research organization was established in December 2001 and for the last 11 years is the leader in different areas of research.
G.R.O deals with all the social and global events that concern the world and was created with the initial target to support those who want to engage in research and search of any object.
G.R.O is a non-profit organization runned by a bourd of four members and has many associates throughout Greece who voluntary contribute to the activities.
The basic purpose of the organization is through studies, work and research to seek and promote the truth and to inform and awake people.
The basic fields whith which the organization operates are:

Unexplained issues and conspiracy theories
Arts and culture
Those fileds include the following areas:
1. thechnological sector
2. space sector
3. research area
4. field trips
5. photography
6. nature and habitats sector
7. publishing sector
8. video sector
Since 2012 the G.R.O is also running a web tv and a web radio program with great success.
Specifically, the target group of G.R.O are men and women between 25 and 35 years old.
The G.R.O official web page has every month more than 5000 visitors and the web radio and web tv have more than 5000 followers every week.
The central office of the organization, and the new web radio studios, constitute an area of freedom, knowledge, study, creative and democratic expression, similar to none in any other region of the country, as for similar organizations and groups. It is a modern, warm and welcoming place, including equipments that support the activities of the organization, the work room with computers and internet in the reception area with space projections (home cinema) for documentaries and films, and the library agency, which contains over 300 books, over 200 journals, over 400 newspaper clippings and magazine titles, and 2000 e-books that expect every aspiring researcher to study them.
The new organization’s programs include important and innovative things between them are the following.First, is the beginning of eoellas HELP where the Agency will enable all needy families with goods that really need and which will come from families who want to help. Then, start the presentation of ΚΟΣΜΟΘΕΣΙΣ which studying all day sky, quality of rain and will prove what eventually happens with sprays.
Finally around the area there are aquariums with which we honor the seas of our country, and a hothouse plants that remind us what we are, and paintings that symbolize our rebirth.

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